Working at SKANOL

Did you know?

That SKANOL’s road tankers in Sweden run almost exclusively on 100% bio fuel made from rapeseed oil, which reduces CO2 emission by almost 65%.

We have the most competent employees in our line of business, and through education and job rotation, we make sure they all have the competencies they need to fill their job.

Our personnel policy is designed to create common ground for a good and efficient workplace. SKANOL will do its best to ensure the best and most flexible work conditions and development opportunities for its employees.

Working at SKANOL is demanding, but our employees should preferably experience that their work life and their private life are matched reasonably. Continuous learning and development of our employees’ competencies are very important factors for us.

Retention of personnel requires an attractive workplace!

Our employees are SKANOL’s most important resources. Therefore, we endeavour to be among the most attractive companies altogether. We strive towards continuous, close dialogue between managers and employees in order to ensure that both the company’s and its employees’ needs are complied with as best as possible – we believe that we have to develop our workplace on an ongoing basis.

Development is a prerequisite of success. If we are to maintain our success and meet our goals, we must focus on the development and in-service education of our employees. Each individual employee’s competencies and skills must be continuously adapted to the job development. Each individual manager and employee are responsible for the continuous development of the employee’s competencies.