Our employees say

Did you know?

That SKANOL’s road tankers in Sweden run almost exclusively on 100% bio fuel made from rapeseed oil, which reduces CO2 emission by almost 65%.


Aage Jensen, 55 years. Driver, Jutland

Aage has been with the company for 13 years. At the beginning, he worked with the distribution of oil to private homes and agriculture in East Jutland; in recent years, he has worked with petrol and oil for petrol stations, ferries and ships.

“It is a fine workplace with orderly conditions and I plan to stay on till I retire,” says Aage Jensen, who is the union representative in his department in Aarhus and vice chairman of the works council.


Carsten Mortensen, 37 years. Driver, Zealand

Carsten is a trained oil and petrol distribution driver who started as an apprentice in an oil company 18 years ago. He joined us when SKANOL acquired the company he worked for. He is now distributing oil to private homes and agricultural customers on Zealand.

“My challenge is to have it all come together in terms of both logistics and safety. It takes more than just getting into the lorry and turning the key. It is important for my work that I know my customers, their special delivery situation, and the point in time when it is best to deliver,” says Carsten Mortensen.


Søren Stokholm, 24 years. Dispatcher

Søren took up employment with SKANOL in 2009. Previously, he had attended business school and, subsequently, worked as a packaging driver.

“The job was a good basic foundation for my present job,” says Søren Stokholm, who had the role of fuel distribution planner in Jutland during the first year of his traineeship; during the second year, he planned the distribution to private homes and professional customers. Today, he has completed his traineeship and has become permanently employed. He is the one who takes all the odd jobs and steps in when an extra dispatcher is needed in one of the various areas – professional as well as geographical. He is also an IT super user and teaches Skanol’s drivers how to use IT in their vehicles, and he is the one they can turn to for advice and guidance about IT in their day-to-day job. “Working at Skanol is versatile and I face many new challenges. I take on responsibility too, which I am very happy about,” says Søren Stokholm.

Majbrit Christensen, 43 years. Dispatcher

After 16 years with a major logistics provider, Majbritt began a job as dispatcher at SKANOL on the 1st of October 2011. She is in charge of a number of administrative tasks and also assumes the distribution to petrol stations in Jutland.

“It is extremely exciting and a great challenge. SKANOL is a company that grows and develops. All take responsibility for doing the jobs. All are happy to be here and show great commitment,” says Majbritt Christensen.