Did you know?

That SKANOL’s road tankers in Sweden run almost exclusively on 100% bio fuel made from rapeseed oil, which reduces CO2 emission by almost 65%.

We employ drivers all over Denmark and in the western parts of Sweden. Being a driver at Skanol, you will be working independently and have a very varied working day. You will face exciting challenges and be in contact with customers; you will use state-of-the-art means of transport and have a chance to operate high-tech metering equipment and IT. You will be handling hazardous goods with regard for Skanol’s preventive safety measures, which for instance focus on the driver’s ability to assess risks in his work.

You are expected to have experience as a professional driver. And you must have a trailer driving license and the ADR license for driving road tankers.

Skanol provides the basic training and instruction. In addition, you will receive continuous training and education within, for instance, quality awareness, defensive driving, fire fighting, and first aid and you will get support from your manager as well as the team of drivers that you will be part of.

We attach great importance to close and trusting cooperation between drivers and dispatchers.