Did you know?

That SKANOL handles about 1,700 deliveries in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden every day?


New Quality and Environment Department

At Skanol we have significantly increased our focus on the quality and environmental improvement area. As part of this effort, Helle Hollmann started the position as head of the new department in January 2020. The main focus of the department is to reduce the number of errors and accidents and improve communication from driver to main office. The department will help optimize reporting procedures and make the distance from driver to headquarters shorter.

“We want to show our customers that we can make a crucial difference on the quality side. We have a strong ambition to be the best in the Nordic countries, and that means that we must work together to ensure a good follow-up on our mistakes, so that we learn from them and constantly move in a positive direction.” says Allan Larsen, CEO

Helle Hollmann comes from a position as Sales Manager at IT company EcoOnline, which develops software for handling QHSE and ISO. Helle has previously been employed as a commercial project manager and education manager at Aarhus Tech in the department of Transport and Logistics. In addition, she is originally a freight forwarder and therefore has good knowledge of the industry and experience with management.
The most important thing in her opinion is to help change the mindset in the area:

“In order for us to succeed in reducing errors and incidents, it is important that there is a good and close cooperation and constant focus on helping each other to get better. One way to do this is by sharing experiences and this is something we are constantly working on improving. We are just starting a series of workshops for drivers and strive to get out and meet the employees around the country.”

The department will also work with ISO certification and work environment and look forward to constructive and informative meetings with customers, employees and business partners.