ISO certifications

Did you know?

That SKANOL’s road tankers in Sweden run almost exclusively on 100% bio fuel made from rapeseed oil, which reduces CO2 emission by almost 65%.

During transport, we comply with all legislation and standards within transportation. Skanol is certified according to the following standards:

ISO – 45001


This is your guarantee for systematics and uniformity within all of our business.


ISO 9001

The implementation of ISO 9001 leads to continuous improvement of organisational planning, overview, and management. The implementation of ISO 9001 also entails an obligation to improve quality through the assistance of an external certification body.

Certificate, ISO 9001


ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is an internationally acknowledged standard that defines environmental management. The standard specifies the prerequisites of building an environmental management system based on the company’s premises, its processes, and its activities and includes the distribution of responsibilities and competencies as well as day-to-day environmental assignments.

ISO 14001, individual elements required to become certified:

  • Environmental policy
  • Planning
  • Implementation and operation
  • Control and corrective action
  • Review by the management

Certificate, ISO 14001


ISO – 45001

In addition to complying with the Working Environment Act, the company must also work with the following issues in order to keep their ISO – 45001 certificate:

  • A tolerant labour market and health promotion
  • Set up and maintain procedures that ensure employee involvement or the involvement of their representatives in the occupational environment efforts
  • Eliminate or minimise the risks for employees and other interested parties who may be exposed to hazards in their occupational environment in connection with the company’s activities.

Certificate, ISO – 45001


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