Environment and CO2

Did you know?

That SKANOL’s road tankers in Sweden run almost exclusively on 100% bio fuel made from rapeseed oil, which reduces CO2 emission by almost 65%.

Being a logistics provider, we are aware that we impact the environment, especially through the emission of CO2.

SKANOL considers responsible behaviour towards a sustainable environment to be an integral part of our business philosophy.

Therefore, we have selected a series of objectives and initiatives that we plan to implement in close cooperation with our business partners and employees.

  • Training in on-road techniques to reduce our diesel consumption
  • Replacement of lorries – class 5 diesel engines
  • Full loads, for instance by means of co-distribution whenever possible
  • Planning – improvement of the information level in order to limit the amount of unnecessary driving
  • Sustainability – integral part of the development of logistics models for customers
  • Specialised machinery with high capacity
  • Weight-optimised equipment
  • SKANOL has developed a model for carrying out customised testing of CO2 impact


We wish to reduce CO2 emissions by:

Securing know-how of environmental sustainability of:

  • The management
  • Employees with customer relations
  • Drivers
  • Other employees

Including environmental efficiency when:

  • New customer agreements are made
  • New investments are made in equipment and buildings
  • Agreements are made with suppliers
  • Logistic solutions are chosen


The environment and CO2 constitute an ongoing process during which we strive to improve our know-how by reviewing the best examples and solutions found within the trade and through active participation in European forums that develop sustainability within our trade.